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Who says there aren’t any good real estate deals on the investment market?

We beg to differ. Our actual, credible, formula-verified real estate investment deals offer a proven ROI, and that’s not just a pitch.

CMOQ offers real estate investment opportunities that have a high ROI. These deals have clear title and are ready to close immediately so you can move on to your next investment. We keep the investment machine working for you, empowering you to achieve your goals of financial freedom faster.

Complete Transparency Through Every Process

Others may ask for an EM deposit or accept option money before the title is clear, but that’s not the way we do business. You have access to the original contract, title commitment, and title status the moment we come to an agreement and receive a deposit.

If you choose to deal with unscrupulous wholesalers, you may encounter problems recovering your EM deposit or option money, or in a worst-case scenario, you may not ever see those funds again.

We Are Not Only Wholesalers

Many wholesalers do not know how to analyze a deal to determine profitability accurately. Additionally, some wholesalers will go ahead and market a deal before the title has cleared, which can result in costly difficulties and delays.

For example, if the vested owner is not the seller, if heirship affidavits need to be completed, lien holders don’t cooperate, or multiple heirs have an interest but are not cooperating – these are all barriers that an inexperienced wholesaler would not know how to manage. 

Because these parties lack expertise in these matters, it could take weeks, or even months to close these deals.

Quality Deals, Remarkable Results.

Whether you are ready to purchase a property to flip or to buy and hold, we present you with quality deals you can take to the bank.

All deals are analyzed by actual real estate investors who are actively investing. What this means is that they know the numbers in the market and how the process works, and they know that you can have a profitable return.

We do not merely assign deals. We have many years of experience in flipping, buy and hold, lending, and all other areas of real estate investing, so we know what a good deal looks like. More importantly, we know what a bad deal looks like too.

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Why Work With CMOQ?

There are many advantages to working with us, not the least of which is that we are 100 percent hands-on through every transaction. Our experience, our insight, and our transparency is your advantage.  

We analyze each deal individually, so we know if the numbers work for us, they are going to work for you too. We market the contract as soon as the title is clear, so you have time to do your due diligence and keep your money moving.

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It takes an average of 24 hours to close and fund a deal.

This is an opportunity you can’t ignore.!

If you are ready to get your money working for you, we’re prepared to make it happen. Reach out now to get started.

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    CMOQ offers me deals that nobody else is offering. They are honest, trustworthy and stand behind their word.
    Hagerty Trust and Corporation
    I felt I was working with people with integrity and compassion given the title issues of the property. With their support we closed smooth and fast.
    Vi Tran,