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We are serious and reliable problem-solving buyers who will buy and close on your property, no matter what condition it is in. Whether you are facing foreclosure, are behind on your taxes, or are facing an uphill battle after tenants destroyed your property, we provide solutions that will help you move past your problems and on to greener pastures.

No fees, no closing costs – no kidding!

When you’re stuck in a bad situation, it might seem like there is no way out. We are experienced homebuyers who know what you’re going through. We authentically care about what happens to you and are dedicated to providing you with the support you need to get your life back on track.

You don’t have to handle the situation alone!

When life happens, you need to find a way to move forward. We provide solutions for property owners, no matter what the situation. There is no judgment here – the only thing waiting for you is a speedy resolution to your problem and a fresh lease on life.

No matter the situation, we are here to help.

Whether the problem is with the house itself or the result of a personal issue, we can help you resolve it. Working closely with you, we will craft a solution you can feel good about. Through every step, we’ll be right beside you all the way to closing. 

Sell your house fast

How we help

If you need to sell your home fast and don’t know where to turn, we can help. Even if your home is distressed or if you are in a bad situation, we provide solutions that will help you start over, clean the slate, and start living again.

Some of the situations that we can assist with include:

sell "as is"

Don’t spend another dime on getting your house “ready to list”

You may think you need a realtor to sell your house, but that’s just not the case. Realtors cost money – money you can keep in your pocket and use for more important things.

We are not realtors. We use a title company to ensure that all documents related to the sale are legal and legitimate and obtain title insurance to protect our mutual interests. This means that all parties are protected.

For us to purchase your property, you won’t have to fix, paint, clean, or stage. We will close the sale of your house “as is” and provide fast closing—without commissions—so you can move forward, worry-free, and ready to greet the future.  

These are the Key

Benefits of Working With Us

We work closely with you to resolve any issue, even beyond the sale. Let our Years of Experience ease and expedite the process.

We make the process easy for you
Receive your funds in as little as 24 hours
Halt foreclosure proceedings
No fees, no commissions, no hidden costs
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    what our
    customers say

    I was under a lot of pressure to sell my home. CMOQ gave me the support and peace of mind I needed to ensure a stress-free transaction. Given the title issues of the property, they made me feel comfortable with the whole process. With CMOQ’s support, the closing was fast and smooth.
    Sold property in Hollybrook Ln
    I had urgent matters to take care of and we had to sell our properties quickly. From the first call, everything worked. There were no issues with the transaction, but if I had questions, they were very good at explaining everything. We closed in less than 30 days. This sale brought peace of mind to me and my family.
    . . . Sold property on Linden St
    I was in need of money and needed to sell my properties fast. Everything they explained to me about the process – the timing, everything – was exactly how it happened. The sale was really quick, they kept their word, and I would highly recommend them to anybody who needs to sell their home quickly.
    . Sold properties on Prudence Dr.
    My Dad was in a nursing facility and we decided it was a good idea to sell his home. CMOQ was genuine and friendly; someone I immediately connected with and felt that I could trust. We negotiated the price of the house, received the offer, and signed the contract. The process was so fast!
    . . . Sold property on Bertwood St.